Rural Systems

Rural Whole House 5 stage Sediment + GAC + KDF + 'lonizer' System

'Ionizer' to reduce the scale Carbon filter to remove contaminants KDF special media to remove heavy metals. Removes Sediment down to 1 micron
Improves lathering.

Reduces cleaning costs by saving soap & detergents
"Customisable filter stage to address specific problems such as pH adjustment and iron and manganese etc. Three-year Warranty (conditions apply and two years for UV system. Complete with pressure gauges and waterproof cover.

Three Year Warranty (conditions apply).


Rural UV 4 Stage System, Sediment + GAC/KDF media filter + UV Sterilizer.

Multi-stage 20 to the 1-micron sediment filter. Carbon filter for herbicides and chemical removal.
KDF special media to remove heavy metals
Canadian Luminor UV Sterilizer LB5-154

Luminor is truly different from everything else in the market and meets the NZ specification (30mJ/cm2) for dose rate vs flow rate.  A constant current electronic power source housed in a splash-proof case comes standard with a "future-proof" expandable port for future upgrades or options.

Reliable, industry proven, high-quality low pressure (LP) coated UV lamps Plus sophisticated electronic controller offers a consistent dose rate throughout their 9,000-hour life. 

Two Year Warranty on UV (conditions apply). Five Year Warranty on Filter Housing (conditions apply).

Dimensions: H = 450mm W = 400mm D =220mm