Residential Systems


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Rural Systems


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Commercial Systems


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Hassle Free

Valley Water Filters & Plumbing Ltd. will discuss your water filter needs and meet your requirements based on information such as the size of your property, water access and quality of water to your property.

We will order and install your system, give after-sales follow up and yearly check-in on filter replacement.


The residential whole-house system has a 5-year warranty (not including consumables).

The commercial systems have a 3-year warranty.

The Rural has a 3-year warranty on the 5 stage system, 2-year warranty on the UV and 5-year warranty on the filter housing.
(Warranty conditions apply).

Ongoing costs

Filter replacements range from 1 – 3 years depending on your system, the water quality coming into your property and water usage. Replacement filters start from $55 and you can see more on these below.

Filter Products

Residential Filter Replacement

Sediment (1st filter) $55

KDF filter (2nd filter) $116

Drop in water pressure and the smell of Chlorine are a good sign these filters need changing.

Depending on water consumption and quality this can be between 1 – 2 years.



Rural & Commercial

10 inch Jumbo Neutralizer Cartridge for low pH correction $115.
Recommended replacing yearly.

20inch Sediment filter cartridge $95
Drop in water pressure indicates need to replace. Generally yearly depending on water flow.

20inch Jumbo GAC/KDF Long life filter cartridge $225
Recommended changing depends on water flow use.

20inch KDF85 Specialty Media cartridge $470
Recommended changing every three years.